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  2. We stopped by a shrimp truck in Hale’iwa for lunch and it was delicious. As usual, you found rocks to pick up and chased around the birds and chickens. 

    Then, we went to the Dole Plantation and took a ride on the Pineapple Express. We also enjoyed some pineapple ice cream (yum!) and went in the world’s largest maze (per the Guinness Book of World Records) and may or may not have gotten lost trying to find our way out. You found a puddle and we let you stomp and splash in it because you thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Did you know that pineapples grow really close to the ground? I learned that today. 


  3. Waimea Falls hike with Grandma! It rained on us the entire way back to the car but we saw the pretty waterfall and lots of birds and flowers! 


  4. Easter 2014 was great! It was raining outside so the Easter Bunny must have known he should have hid the eggs in the house. He even left some footprints because it must have been muddy outside. 

    It was so fun watching you actually go get the eggs and put them in the basket. The first thing you did was wipe the Bunny’s paw prints away with your hands. It was really cute. 

    PS You are making this face now where you squint your left eye and raise your cheek. I am not sure where you learned it from but it is super cute. 


  5. Today was Beamer’s first time at the beach in Hawaii. Can you tell how happy he looks? 


  6. Decorating Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny tomorrow. Turns out splashing in the colored water is way more fun… we barely were able to get that green-blue color off your hands by the end of the day. 


  7. Today was a great day for you! We went to play group at the ASYMCA in
    the morning and you listened to some songs in Hawaiian!
    Then, guess who came in town? Grandma Vier! We are going to have fun
    with her this week!


  8. Today, we visited the Byodo-In Temple, which is a smaller scale replica of the temple in Japan. We met up with some other mamas and babies and had fun exploring the grounds. Of course, you found the rocks and those kept you pretty busy. It grossed me out because I saw some green stuff on your hands and I am convinced it was duck poo, so I had to disinfect your hands about five times and follow you around so you wouldn’t pick up any more rocks off the ground. 

    I love these little adventures we have. 


  9. Beamer arrived today! While you were napping, daddy picked up Beamer
    at the airport. He was supposed to come in yesterday but the idiot guy
    at the ticket counter did not put his crate on the flight manifest
    therefore when it came time to put him in the cargo area, the handlers
    refused for weight and balance purposes. Ugh. Grandma and Grandpa Vier
    did a second attempt today and everything went smoothly!

    We waited for you to wake up from a nap and daddy held Beamer in the
    living room while I encouraged you to walk that way. You saw Beamer
    and your face just LIT UP! You were so happy to see him and you were
    smiling and waving your arms and stomping your feet. Beamer kept
    trying to escape you but you kept following him all around. All
    afternoon you were loving on him and he is your new BFF. We are so
    happy to have him here in Hawaii with us finally. He was the last
    piece of the puzzle and now our ohana is complete!


  10. We did a little Easter egg hunting today. I mean that in a quite
    literal sense as you only hunted one single blue egg.