1. Today, we visited the Byodo-In Temple, which is a smaller scale replica of the temple in Japan. We met up with some other mamas and babies and had fun exploring the grounds. Of course, you found the rocks and those kept you pretty busy. It grossed me out because I saw some green stuff on your hands and I am convinced it was duck poo, so I had to disinfect your hands about five times and follow you around so you wouldn’t pick up any more rocks off the ground. 

    I love these little adventures we have. 


  2. Beamer arrived today! While you were napping, daddy picked up Beamer
    at the airport. He was supposed to come in yesterday but the idiot guy
    at the ticket counter did not put his crate on the flight manifest
    therefore when it came time to put him in the cargo area, the handlers
    refused for weight and balance purposes. Ugh. Grandma and Grandpa Vier
    did a second attempt today and everything went smoothly!

    We waited for you to wake up from a nap and daddy held Beamer in the
    living room while I encouraged you to walk that way. You saw Beamer
    and your face just LIT UP! You were so happy to see him and you were
    smiling and waving your arms and stomping your feet. Beamer kept
    trying to escape you but you kept following him all around. All
    afternoon you were loving on him and he is your new BFF. We are so
    happy to have him here in Hawaii with us finally. He was the last
    piece of the puzzle and now our ohana is complete!


  3. We did a little Easter egg hunting today. I mean that in a quite
    literal sense as you only hunted one single blue egg.


  4. 16 months

    Happy 16 months little one! Wow, you have grown so much in the last month I am not sure where to start….

    Let’s see, you are talking A LOT these days. Words you know are apple, please, happy (although you don’t know what this means probably, you just like to say it), hi, bye, up, down, mama, daddyyyyy, uh oh, and dog. You blab a lot of ‘g’ sounds. You are very good at understanding when I ask you to ‘put something here' or 'bring me this’. 


    You absolutely love peanut butter and cheese. Strawberry yogurt is also a favorite of yours. You have been eating whole pears on your own, I just peel the outside a bit so you can bit into it and you go to town and eat it to the core. 

    You are so happy and smiley all the time. Except when I try and change your diaper, or if I take longer than 3 minutes to fix your breakfast. Yep. You love to wave to people and your hand does this cute little Miss America wave. 


    You recently discovered that the water hose is a magical thing. 


    You are very interested in rocks and dirt. I guess we do not have a girly-girl on our hands.We take you to the park and all you want to do is walk around and pick up leaves, dirt and rocks instead of climbing the jungle gyms. 

    You are sleeping through the entire night (again, after a brief disruption) and just recently going down without a fight. You are also napping around 12:30 every day for anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours. 

    You like drinking out of straws and are now BOTTLE FREE! Sometimes when you have had enough to drink, you play around and suck the water or milk into your mouth and spit it out. Mommy is not a fan of this game. I repeat, mommy is not a fan of this game. 


    On the occasion you do throw a tantrum, your entire body freezes up and it is actually quite hilarious, and I have to try really hard not to laugh. 

    You love the show Peg + Cat and now when we ask you if you want to watch it, you start singing the ‘na na na na naaa’ part of the theme song. Adorable! 

    You like pointing to our noses, eyes, eyebrows, armpits (weird) and belly buttons. You do not like brushing your teeth so your dad and I have to tag team this event - he holds you, flips you upside down and makes you laugh, then mommy goes in with the toothbrush. Teamwork. 


    Some of your favorite activities are reading books (you like the flap books and sometimes grab our hands so we can open the flaps or feel the textures), you like to pretend to drink from your teacups, you love your stuffed animals and giving them hugs and kisses, and you LOVE sitting in your wagon. Another thing you started doing this month is grabbing bags and holding them like purses over your shoulder. It is so cute. 


    You love to tap/stomp your feet like the penguins do in Happy Feet. Sometimes I like to dance battle you. I let you win most of the time. 

    You hate getting your nails cut and we have to hold you down to trim your talons. 


    Another milestone you conquered this month was walking from one type of surface (i.e. the driveway) onto another (i.e. the grass). I guess you used to think it was super scary to go from one texture to another, or maybe you would somehow lose your balance over the 2cm height difference between the surfaces… who knows. On occasion you will reach for our hand to help you with, which is fine by me! You were finally brave enough to step from our driveway onto the street and it has all been downhill from there… we really have to keep an eye on you now! ;)


    Gah, you just make my heart explode with love and happiness. My favorite is in the morning when I get you from your crib and you just wrap your arms around me so tight. Or when daddy comes home and you are so happy to see him and you give him the biggest smile and hug. The. Best. Ever. 

    xoxo, Mom 


  5. Kaitlin,
    Let me just say that the past week has been major for you. MAJOR. For
    the entire week, you have soothed yourself to sleep in your crib in a
    matter of minutes and slept there all night by yourself. Like no
    waking up, sleeping for ten to eleven hours. Then, tonight when I put
    you down to bed, we said our prayers and voila! No crying. Not a
    single fuss. I walked out of your room and straight to your dad and
    our faces were lit up with amazement at this milestone. We must be
    doing something right. That, and you are just growing up.
    Earlier today we made the trek to the North Shore to “hike” Waimea
    Falls with some mommies and babies. It was a beautiful walk and we met
    some new friends which is always super nice! As usual, I was showing
    you the pretty waterfalls and all you wanted to do was turn around and
    pick up dirt and rocks.
    You should have seen how funny all of us moms looked walking down the
    path with our jogging strollers. All eight of us. It was a sight. We
    looked like the Mob Moms, but hopefully not as scary.


  6. Gosh I loved being a kid with you on the beach today. Running in the sand, making sand balls and crushing them, jumping on the shore… I was just soaking up the Aloha spirit with you today, kid. 


  7. Mom, I got you some dirt! It’s amazing!


  8. This picture from the weekend cracks me up. You are just standing
    there monitoring the boys like a little boss.


  9. Little giraffe,
    Today we ventured to the Honolulu Zoo and had a lot of fun seeing all the different animals. We dressed you up in your giraffe ears and tail to get you in the spirit for the day. We saw giraffes, hippos, turtles, elephants, monkeys and more! You got to pet the goats which you really liked. Your dad and I loved showing you around and watching your face light up at the sights. One thing we didn’t understand is how you found picking leaves up off the ground equally, if not more, amusing as the actual animals.
    Later tonight we went to the Dugan’s for a beer and to chat. Your dad
    discovered that your wagon also doubles as an ice chest. It’s a win
    for everyone.


  10. We had fun at Oskar’s first birthday party today! We met Oskar and his
    mommy at My Gym and you both are buddies.
    You ate almost a whole cupcake to yourself and you were on a sugar
    high for the next few hours. Quite hilarious, yet a gentle reminder to
    your parents to keep an eye on how much sugar you eat.
    You had fun picking up rocks, walking around making cute faces at
    people, and playing with Oskar and Cyrus.